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Sell A House For Cash In Atlanta – Advantages Of Working With ATL Cash Home Buyers

Do you want to sell a house for cash in Atlanta, Georgia?

If so, read the rest of this article to learn about our local home buying program here at ATL Cash Home Buyers and how it works.

Here at ATL Cash Home Buyers, we’re an established home buying company based in Georgia. If you’d rather connect with us over the phone and talk about our local home buying program, give us a call! You can reach us at 404-439-9984. You can also fill out the form at the bottom of our contact page to find out how you could sell a house for cash in Atlanta We would love to hear from you and how we can help. Each person’s situation is different. Maybe you’re going through a divorce or having trouble paying your mortgage monthly or maybe you just inherited a home that you want nothing to do with. Regardless, we are real estate professionals and would welcome the opportunity to hear about your problem and help find a solution for you.

Need to sell a house for cash in Atlanta? ATL Cash Home Buyers we can help!

Here are a few of the advantages of working with us to sell your local Atlanta house fast.

How Can You Sell A House For Cash In Atlanta, Georgia?

You have a few options when you sell your house here in our local market.

You can sell the house yourself, list it with an agent, or sell it to a reputable professional home buyer like ATL Cash Home Buyers.

Pros/Cons of selling by yourself

  • You wont have to pay any commissions to anybody, which is a big perk! And you might not have to pay any closing costs too. But the pros stop here really.
  • When selling yourself, you wont be able to put your home in front of as many people as an agent or a cash home buyer. Your marketing of the home will be significantly less which will effect how much you get in the end.
  • Unfortunately, you’re probably not well-versed in the housing market and more specifially, the Atlanta Housing Market. You should know what other homes are going for that are in like condition and how long its taking them to sell. If not, you’re really undercutting yourself.
  • You should know how the real estate sales process goes because if not, you could accept an offer that has a bunch of contingencies. This will probably lead to the sale falling apart unless your home is in perfect condition. Lets face it, thats probably not the case or you’d list the home with an agent to get top dollar for your property.

Pros/Cons of selling with an agent

  • Agents are great if you find a knowledgable, professional agent who knows how to close deals. Lots of agents are represented by a broker but don’t have training in how to properly sell a home to get you top dollar.
  • Agents typically know their local housing market very well, and if not, they can get the information from a colleague that they work with. However, in a lot of cases, its not even about the agent, its more about the property. What that means is if you have a home that is HGTV ready, has all the bells and whistles and there is nothing else to do, then going to market with an agent makes a lot of sense because you will probably get the most amount of bang for your buck. But, if your property is distressed and needs any work, especially cosmetic updates, you’ll lose more money out of your pocket and spend more time on market as most end buyers that purchase the conventional route with an agent, are looking for that home they can just walk into and put their feet up.
Sell your home fast. We buy homes for cash
Sell your home fast. We buy homes for cash

How it works selling to a reputable, cash home buyer like ATL Cash Home Buyers

  • Convenience of the sale – Our company will buy your house “as is”, meaning you will not need to spend more money for repairs, you won’t need to fix it up, or worry about making it “pretty” for a showing. The sale will be on the timeline you pick (we can close in as little as 7 days) and have cash in your hand immediately. And if we can’t purchase your home because it doesn’t meet our buying criteria, we know tons of investors who would love the opportunity to purchase your home “as-is.”
  • Avoid traditional buyer loan complications – When you sell a house for cash in Atlanta through our “cash for houses” program, you avoid the complications that come with a traditional home buyers loan application. Your buyer may not get the loan approval when it was anticipated or they may change their mind altogether. Since ATL Cash Home Buyers and our local partners use our own cash to buy houses, we can close quickly and aren’t at the mercy of banks. This means a faster closing with less hassle than going the traditional route.
  • Speed of the sale – In many occasions, when we work with local home owners who need to sell a house for cash in Atlanta, they don’t have the luxury of waiting 6+ months to sell. It may be foreclosure, financial difficulty or even bankruptcy to cause sellers to look for a speedy process that will alleviate these problems. Once you accept the cash offer, we can close on the timeline that you want.
  • At ATL Cash Home Buyers, we know that each situation is different. Maybe you need to stay in your home for another month while you find your next place. Maybe you’re seeking out a really high offer to help pay off debts but nobody else is willing to give you that amount. We love getting creative and finding the solution to your problem!

Need To Sell A House For Cash In Georgia?
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Atlanta area home owners work with us for many reasons including convenience, speed and less hassle than the traditional “list it with an agent” route.

For more information on how you can sell your house quickly for cash in Atlanta Georgia, call us today at 404-439-9984 and one of our local representatives will assist you with a cash offer at hand or you can simply fill out our online form and we shall get back to you promptly.

We buy homes for cash in Atlanta, GA
We buy homes for Cash in Atlanta GA
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